Journal d’Irlande 4 : ready for Valentine Day !

    Calpyso continue poursuit sa découverte de la scolarité irlandaise et du métier de fleuriste et de cuisinière. Entre deux cours, elle a juste eu le temps de fêter son anniversaire ! Happy Birthday Calypso ! Elle nous offre aussi sa recette de cookies…

 Hi everybody! I hope you had a great week. Mine was quite normal…  On Monday, we went in Ennis for a meeting about a school trip and we received a lot of presents for being there. It’s a big project about the sea to discover different type of jobs. There’s different destinations like Portugal, Spain, France (Moulin mer), and UK. I don’t know if I will do this trip because I’m an exchange student but it seems interesting. Tuesday was my birthday so after school I ate a slice of cake with my friend and another one with my host family. On Tuesday we did boxing in PE. That was really physical !

    Since I’m in this class, every Tuesday in European studies, we are watching a program about the influence of music on our brain. That’s really impressive ! In religion, we are also watching a documentary. It’s about the industry of clothes in the world and that makes us realize that all the clothes we buy are made by really poor people who work really hard for a miserable salary… On Wednesday, for my work experience, I finished the front side window and I started the back side window ( you can see pictures of the front side window under the text). I think I did well ! I also made another bouquet. I’m practicing for Valentine’s day next week. On Thursday I had music class and we played boomwhackers. They are strange music instruments but they are really cool. At the end of the day I had science class. We did a cool experimentation (you can see pictures) about oxygen…  On Friday, in art class, we need to paint little « piggy bank » for different shop in Ennistymon! They are little houses and we need to make them look like the shop where they will be.  Then I had Home economics and we baked queen cakes. They were delicious! I send you the recipe so you can try them! On Saturday I went in Ennis to do some shopping and on Sunday I baked some more cupcakes with my host sister.

See you next week!! I wish you the very best for this week!

Take care!!  Bye!





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